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ShowbieBook Creator and Explain Everything.

There are 1000s of applications on the app store, so at Intuition we start with the essentials! This hands on keynote / workshop has been delivered in over 40 countries and welcomed as an effective and accessible strategy for introducing iPads into the classroom. Offering maximum impact with a clear and simple workflows, The Three App Solution facilitates great content creation, paperless distribution systems, clear assessment, class discussion and marking. 



We deliver a number of workshops focused on the latest developments in coding as follows: The best apps for coding on iPad,Bloxels, Osmo Coding, Parrot DronesSphero and Ollie, Lego WeDo 2.0Pi-Top (Raspberry Pi workshops).

Specialised workshops can be delivered on any one of these areas  or a combination of applications and hardware to suit your training needs. In all cases class sets are available and brought to the workshops for a completely hands-on experience. 

To host a workshop send your details via the contact page. The PDF under 'What we do' gives details of the workshops on offer for schools and education centres to host in the UK at no charge. Costs are covered by the delegate registrations.


As an accredited Apple Education Trainer and Distinguished Educator we deliver training in all areas of Apple hardware and software. From iPad through to Mac. 

Workshops include; iTunesUiBooks Creator (including Book Widget creation)iWork, iLife, GarageBand, Logic Pro. 

iBeacons provide many opportunities for teachers and schools to augment their learning spaces with worthwhile experiences and interactions. iBeacons sit within any environment, creating easy access to additional information. They are simple to set up and maintain, enriching the school environment and facilitating a wide range of meaningful strategies. 

iBeacon Projects Book available on iBooks (click here for link) and Amazon stores (click here for link). 

is a comprehensive guide to using iBeacons in your school. iBeacons will enhance any learning space and this book shows you how, giving you the essential information required to jump in and start creating your own beacon based projects and sharing these with your students. Based on the free Locly Sandbox application for iOS devices, the book gives detailed information on getting started, setting up your account and creating your first project.  iBeacon projects contains 20 project ideas ranging from enhancing your school reception to hosting a murder mystery or treasure hunt.

iBeacon workshops cover; The impact of iBeacons in Education, Creating a Locly account, Setting up iBeacons, Adding content, Creating projects that will have impact on your learning spaces .

We also host iBeacon Murder Mystery events, these range from Corporate events to classroom experiences for all ages of student.

Current titles include; The Murder at Clueless Manor (Advanced), The Curse of the Redwood Rubies (Intermediate), The Master Chef Murder (Primary Class level). 

GarageBand on iPad offers the most immediate and accessible route to creating music.   A range of workshops are available showing how to integrate GarageBand fully into your school. 

GarageBand for Music Teachers, GarageBand for Instrumental lessons, GarageBand for non-musicians, GarageBand workshops for students (Primary and Secondary level). 

We also deliver workshops that focus on how to integrate the new and emerging technologies successfully into your classroom.

Current developments include

VR. Virtual Reality, 360 degree panoramic and Thinglink Bootcamps. 

AR. Augmented Reality with Blippar and Aurasma 

Raspberry Pi with Pi-Top. see We have a class set of these exciting products for our workshops. More details soon.